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Hifi Box, Amplifier and CD Players Grundig

Inviato: mer 16 gen 2019, 18:06
da BUZZ78
Less is more! It’s time for me to reduce the number of equipment of my personal collection.
I’m glad to propose here some “best of Grundig”. All the boxes or amplifier, of cd players are in good condition, I can send some pictures if needed.
After on month, I will propose those Grundig through the traditional ebay.
Regarding the cost for the shipment, it depends on the size or the weight of each packet, not easy to give a precise information at this stage.

Have a nice day, and sorry if I don’t speak Italian.

Cd 7550 silver : 200 €
Cd 35 : 180 €
RTV 1020 (first hand) : 130 €. Just one issue, the tuner is not able to keep (lock) the frequency in FM
Box 850 a prof (black) : 150 € : sold
Box 300 (braun), complete with the original cable and DIN connectors: 240 € : sold